A Curiosity to Explore Cultures Both Near and Far

When you think of vacation or travel these days you probably think about crossing the sea and having amazing adventures in far-off lands. A lot of American families used to expand their minds to only visiting Aunt Nan in the next state over. However, with times changing and many more friendships made with others from different countries through social media outlets, minds have opened to a cultural curiosity. However, the truth is that there are many places to explore right here in America that has cultural diversity and would cost a lot less than traveling to Paris France to eat their French fries.

I’m not suggesting that it wouldn’t be a great experience to travel to Africa and explore the jungle by taking a safari or visiting India because you fell in love with the beauty of their wedding ceremonies that can last up to five days. By all means, if you have the wealth to take that trip, I think it would be a wonderful experience. However, if you do not have the means to travel and make it back to home base without going bankrupt in the process, then it is an option to explore your big backyard right here in America.

We live in the most diverse country there is, so if you are curious about all these other ethnicities and would like to know about some of them, research states here that have places you can go to learn about them. You could even visit an international restaurant and learn about different foods. You could experience Indian or African cuisines right here in the good old USA.

There are plenty of places that put on beautiful themed weddings, and if you love the scenes of international weddings you can find some venues that offer international themes in different states right here in America. For instance, most weddings orland park il share venues as beautiful as Tuscan themes. They will open a whole world of beautiful wedding themes and venues for you to explore.

So, explore your backyard. Take a journey to places that are just as beautiful in America that you may have thought about visiting but never have. Cities such as New Orleans Louisiana, Sedona Arizona, Maui Hawaii, or Orlando Florida just to name a few. Places that have plenty of sites to tour and feed your curiosity and with plenty of cultural diversity. Yes, right here in America.

Again, I’m not suggesting to never go out of the country to visit others, but if your lifestyle will not fund such trips, why not stay here and save for a trip around America instead of a trip around the world. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by all the beauty we have right here in America. However, keep those aspirations for a trip to other countries. I feel that is a great dream to have as well but until then, why not tour the soil right under your feet? Get to know America the Beautiful!